Deaf Film Camp Online Program

Deaf Film Camp welcomes you to our first-ever virtual camp!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Camp Mark Seven is closed for the safety of others. Deaf Film Camp is pleased to offer teachings on the ability to tell stories on film from the guidance of experienced filmmakers through virtual learning. It is with our sincere appreciation to the special guests and the teachers, virtual learning is made possible for Deaf Film Camp!

Come and watch our special guests who offer their success stories, struggles and experience in the film industry. You do not want to miss this! The special guests are Lauren Ridloff, CJ Jones, Shaylee Mansfield, Wayne Betts Jr.

Come and take upon our virtual classes offered by different talented individuals. Look into our website for more information on the courses,

If you find any webinar you are interested in, feel free to register! It is free and you can register as many courses as you like!