e-Learning for Deaf Kids

Educational Videos Made For Deaf/Hard-Of-Hearing Students


We are a group of professionals and educators from across the country dedicated to providing educational learning opportunities from Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing students (DHH) in their most accessible language, American Sign Language (ASL).

Our goal is to provide short, engaging educational videos targeting a wide variety of topics and ability levels to allow DHH students to continue their learning online while at home. Our professionals and educators are skilled in adapting a variety of topics and content in order to bet reach as many age groups as possible in one video. Many of our videos use a bilingual-bimodal approach to help foster language and literacy development in both ASL and English. 

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The information shared on this site is from trusted sources.  Some information is collected by Silent Voice and put into ASL.
There are also videos and links that we feel are
important resources to share with our community.

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