Government of Ontario: 2nd Provincial-Wide Lockdown - ASL

Government of Ontario: 2nd Provincial-Wide Lockdown

[Image description] The signer is wearing black buttoned shirt behind black background of Queen's Park entrance building.

[Transcription] Hello. Today Government of Ontario Premier Ford made an important announcement that you need to know. Since December, numbers of COVID cases has been increasing causing red Zones and lockdowns in some areas. This Saturday Dec. 26, 2020 at 12:01am is when we will have provincial wide lockdown.

There are two different areas; Northern Ontario (beyond Sudbury) and Southern Ontario (below Sudbury). Northern Ontario - 2 weeks lockdown. Southern Ontario - 4 weeks lockdown. Lockdown begins this Saturday Dec. 26th until Jan. 9th for Northern Ontario and Dec. 26th to Jan 23rd for Southern Ontario.

You should be informed that schools in both regions will be closed too, in accordance to length of lockdown. School will be back in session on following Monday afterward. All of businesses will be opened for essential services; such as pharmacy, grocery, or visiting your doctor. Meanwhile rest of other non-essential business will be closed. Restaurants will go back to take-out only, no indoor.

The lockdown this Saturday is almost similar to March 2020 lockdown. Only essential businesses/services will be opened. All those stores that are open must operate at 50% capacity, so you will expect to see line-ups before entering the store, because of indoor limit number.

The reason why we have lockdown is to reduce COVID cases. We do not want hospitals to be overwhelmed at maximum available of beds for those who are hospitalized. Lockdown will help new number of cases to go down and help hospital to cope better in providing care.

Please remember to wear masks. Social distancing yourself. Wash your hands.

Remember to stay safe.

*Above summary by Deaf Outreach Program