Government of Ontario: April 2021 Schools Closure

Government of Ontario: April 2021 Schools Closure

[Signer: Jeff Panasuik] [Image description] The signer is wearing black buttoned shirt behind black background of Queen's Park entrance building.

[Transcription] Hello. Today is April 13, 2021.

Breaking news - yesterday April 21, 2021, Ontario Government Premier announced update about school. Last month Premier announced Spring Break as postponed until April. This week is current April's Spring Break. Be advised that schools will be closed afterward.

When schools would be reopened is still unknown. Students will return online virtual learning like before. Government is well aware how hard virtual learning is for students and challenging for parents. Only reason for this is due to new cases of COVID, and 27% were from schools.

This is serious concern for students to gather at school, and being exposed to coronavirus. When they return home, they would pass on to adults, parents, uncles or aunts, and on. This is unacceptable hence why we are closing schools.

We do not know when to reopen schools. Stay tuned to updates at your local school. To be

clear, after spring break this week, students are to resume their virtual learning.

Please stay home. Be safe.