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Government of Ontario: April 2021 Stay-At-Home Order

Government of Ontario: April 2021 Stay-At-Home Order

[Signer: Jeff Panasuik] [Image description] The signer is wearing black buttoned shirt behind black background of Queen's Park entrance building.



Today is April 7, 2021. Today Province of Ontario Premier Ford announced another Stay-At-Home order starting tomorrow for 28 days.

Last week we went into lockdown, and today we have Stay-At-Home order for 28 days.

Also retail stores are required to operate at 25% capacity and limited to curb-side pick-ups. No browsing inside stores. Same as usual, essential stores such as grocery, pharmacy, and doctor's office remain open, except for retail stores.

The reason for this is same as before; coronavirus cases are soaring which is serious concern.

Please stay at home. Stay Safe.