Government of Ontario: new rule for gathering

This vlog covers the new announcement from the Government of Ontario on the new rule for gathering limit numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic...

[Signer: Jeff Panasuik] [Image description] The signer is wearing a black buttoned shirt behind the black background of Queen's Park entrance building.

[Transcription] Hello! Recent Saturday, September 19 Provincial Government of Ontario has made an announcement of a decision made on the rule for gathering spots. For past weeks, the number of COVID-19 cases has been increasing, Queen's Park determined a new change of limit of gathering.

Do you remember the previous limit was 100 for outside gathering and 50 for indoor gathering?

This limit has changed. The new limit for outside gathering is at 25 and indoor at 10. This new rule does not apply to school or place of worship, such as a church or temple.

And also the second announcement; if people are caught for going to a gathering with over 100 or 50, they will be ticketed with a fine. For those who attended banned gathering: $750 fine. For those who hosted banned gathering: $10,000 fine. The Government of Ontario warns that they are serious. The new rule is in effect immediately. For you to be informed, please follow the rule onward.