January 2021 Ontario Lockdown

Government of Ontario: January 2021 Lockdown & Stay-At-Home Order

[Signer: Jeff Panasuik] [Image description] The signer is wearing a black buttoned shirt behind the black background of the Queen's Park entrance building. [Transcription] Hello. The government of Ontario made an announcement today for you to be advised. On Jan. 14th at 12:01 am, the whole province of Ontario lockdown will be extended for another 28 days until Feb 11th. Also, the Stay-At-Home order is now in effect. If you are working, you work from home. All essential services & stores will still be opened. But for non-essential services & stores must be closed by 8 pm. The limit for people in your social circle is 5. The reasons are the same as last month's announcement, COVID-19 cases are still rising and it's a concern. There are some people who do not follow precautions about staying safe. These people are the reason why new cases are rising. Stay-At-Home order is in effect for 28 more days. Schools remain closed across the province. Stay safe!

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