Ontario Premier Doug Ford Provides COVID-19 Update | January 29

Note: ASL interpreters available in the video.

This afternoon, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced a six-point plan to stop variants of COVID-19 from spreading in the province, which includes a Section 22 order mandating testing of international travellers at Ontario airports and maintaining current public health measures.

Six-Point Plan Ford’s six-point plan comes after the federal government unveiled measures to stop the virus from coming into Canada, which Ford said he welcomed, but needed to take “immediate and decisive action” sooner than the federal measures will come into effect over the next few weeks.

Among other courses of action, the provincial government revealed that lifting of public health and workplace safety measures will not be considered at this time “until more information on the variant spread is known and overall trends in public health indicators improve”, according to the news release.

The six elements of Ford’s plan are:

  • Mandatory testing of travelers

  • Enhanced screening and sequencing

  • Maintaining public health measures

  • Strengthening case and contact management

  • Enhancing protections for vulnerable populations

  • Leveraging data

*Above summary by Enterprise Canada