Ontario Premier Doug Ford Provides COVID-19 Update | July 16

Note: ASL interpreter is not available on the screen but closed caption is available.

Speaking from Craven Farms in Chatham, Ontario Premier Doug Ford spoke on what the Safe Restart Agreement reached with the federal government will mean for Ontario and announced additional funding for Ontario farmers through the agricultural Risk Management Program.

Safe Restart for Ontario

Premier Ford detailed that Ontario’s share of the Safe Restart Agreement would be approximately $7 billion to be received over the next six to eight months. Calling it a “great deal” for Canada and Ontario, Ford also highlighted that the deal would support municipalities, transit systems and healthcare systems.

Funding for Ontario’s Farmers

Ford also announced an additional $50 million per year for the agricultural Risk Management Program, to a total of $150 million every year. Though Ford promised to expand the program in 2021 during the election, the program has been accelerated in reaction to COVID-19 to help farmers adjust to challenges such as fluctuating market prices, disease and extreme weather events.

The full release for support for farmers can be found here.

*Above summary by Enterprise Canada