Ontario Premier Doug Ford Provides COVID-19 Update | October 20

Note: ASL interpreter is not available on the screen but closed caption is available.

Today, the Ford Government announced that they will be introducing legislation that, in certain circumstances, will grant immunity from civil lawsuits related to COVID-19.

If passed, the Supporting Ontario’s Recovery Act will provide protection for workers, volunteers and organizations that make “an honest effort to follow public health guidelines and laws relating to the exposure to COVID-19.” The proposed legislation will still allow for legal action against intentional misconduct and gross negligence.

The government noted that this law will provide the following groups with targeted protection:

  • Healthcare workers and institutions;

  • Frontline workers who serve the public everywhere from grocery stores to restaurants and retail stores;

  • Businesses and their employees;

  • Charities, non-profit organizations; and

  • Coaches, volunteers and minor sports associations.

British Columbia passed a similar cabinet order this past April saying any person or corporation “providing an essential service” is not liable for damages resulting from COVID-19 infections.

You can read the news release here.

*Above summary by Enterprise Canada