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Ontario Premier Doug Ford Provides COVID-19 Update | September 29

Today, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced funding to fight COVID-19 in long-term care homes, as well as visitor restrictions that will be rolled out at homes in areas where the virus is most prevalent.

New Funding

Premier Ford announced $540 million to “protect long-term care homes from COVID-19,” including:

  • $405 million to help homes with containment measures, staffing supports and purchasing additional supplies such as personal protective equipment;

  • $61.4 million for renovations to improve infection control, such as ventilation and isolation capacity; and

  • $30 million for additional infection control staffing and training for existing staff.

Visitor Policy

The premier also announced that as of October 5 visitors at long-term care homes in the “highest-risk regions” will be restricted to staff, essential visitors and essential caregivers only. However, up to two friends or family members per resident will be permitted to sign up as caregivers. The premier said officials are currently establishing where the restrictions will be put in place.

*Above summary by Enterprise Canada

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