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PAH! Virtual services in Ontario

Hello children, youth, parents and caregivers,

Some of you might be familiar with the PAH! program, others might not be. PAH! is a children’s

mental health program supporting Deaf and hard of hearing children, youth, and families as

well as hearing children with Deaf parents/caregivers. We work with children from 0-18 years

of age. Our services typically cover Halton and Central region.

We are opening up virtual services to other regions in Ontario during this difficult time to

support Deaf and hard of hearing children and youth who might not have access to other

mental health supports.

We support children, youth, and families who may be experiencing:

  • Isolation

  • Anxiety

  • Sadness

  • Conflict at home

  • Conflict with peers

  • Emotional Outbursts

  • Grief

  • Trauma

  • Communication breakdown

  • Other mental health concerns

You can contact PAH! through our general mail box, or through our skype

address at pah_milton. We will respond with a booked time by video or phone meeting (based on your preference), and an interpreter will be available as needed.

If you are in immediate crisis, please contact your family doctor, or go to your local emergency

room. The Kids help-line is accessible both by phone and live chat messenger.

If you have any questions please contact the team at

Thank you,

Erin Barr, PAH! Clinical Lead

PAH! Mental Health Treatment for

Deaf and hard of hearing children, youth,

families, and children of Deaf adults

255 Ontario St. S., Milton, ON L9T 2M5

Voice: (416) 449-9651

Fax: (416) 449-8881

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