Premier Ford provides a COVID-19 update | July 14

Abandoning the now-traditional briefings at Queen’s Park, Premier Doug Ford has embarked on a province-wide tour he expects to cover some 5,000 km over the summer. He is still planning to provide daily updates, but said the tour is to hear first-hand from businesses and communities about the impact of and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the tour has an election campaign feel, Ford – today at least – is keeping the focus on pandemic-related issues, starting with a $1.4 million investment for a Cambridge company manufacturing personal protective equipment.

PPE Funding

At his first stop on the provincial tour – to “showcase our strong local businesses who went the extra mile” – Premier Ford announced $1.4 million for Cambridge-based Eclipse Automation, through the Ontario Together Fund, to manufacture up to one million N-95 masks per week. “Thanks to the incredible businesses like this one, Ontario will never, ever again, be left at the mercy of other countries and other leaders when it comes to vital PPE and medical equipment,” Ford enthused.

You can find the details of the province’s announcement here.

*Above summary by Enterprise Canada