Premier Ford provides a COVID-19 update | June 10

Premier Doug Ford did not hold his daily briefing today, as he and Deputy Premier Christine Elliott are undergoing COVID-19 testing. This was necessitated after Education Minister Stephen Lecce – who has appeared with Ford and Elliott at recent briefings – was notified that he came into contact with someone who had tested positive. Lecce himself has been tested and the results came back negative.

Colleges and Universities Minister Ross Romano took on today’s briefing, announcing a framework for re-opening of post-secondary institutions.

Post-Secondary Pilot Program

Citing “academically stranded” students nearing graduation but unable to complete their courses online, Romano announced a pilot project for the summer months to enable completion of in-person requirements. Students needing labour practicums – such as for nursing and engineering courses – to graduate will have access to the program. Health and safety rules will be applied in each location during the program, which will begin as early as July 2 and conclude by the end of August.

You can read the full news release here.

Post-Secondary Consultations

Romano said that in addition to lessons learned from the pilot project, the government will engage in full consultations over the summer to develop strategies for the broader re-opening of post-secondary institutions in September.

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