Premier Ford provides a COVID-19 update | June 9

This afternoon, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and the Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, outlined the province’s plan to reopen childcare centres in Ontario.

Reopening Child Care Centres

Premier Ford announced that all childcare centres in the province will be allowed to reopen on Friday, June 12, provided they adhere to a number of restrictions and meet provincial guidelines. Full details can be found in the province’s news release here. Guidelines include limiting children and staff to groups of 10 or fewer day over day, allowing only essential visitors into childcare settings and implementing drop-off and pick-up protocols that facilitate physical distancing.

Minister Lecce explained that the government’s zero-tolerance approach to non-compliance in childcare centres will raise penalties by $1,000 per day per child, or a net 50% increase in the penalty regime. The province will also increase inspections of centres. Minister Lecce reassured parents who opt to keep their children out of childcare that they will not lose their spots or be charged during this period of time.

The emergency childcare centres run in many Ontario municipalities to support healthcare workers and first responders will be wound down between now and June 26.

Additionally, Premier Ford announced that summer day camps will be allowed to reopen with some restrictions as part of Stage 2.

*Above summary by Enterprise Canada