Reopening Schools

Provincial Government announces the school will open in September, be aware that this does not mean things are back to normal, there will be many changes and new rules to make sure everyone stays safe, e.g. physical distancing, masking and avoiding large crowds.

Here are some information from the government about their plans to reopen schools:

- Elementary school children from Kindergarten to Grade 8 will attend schools 5 days per week, with one cohort for the full day, including recess and lunch.

- Adapted model: Students attend school every day, in smaller class sizes of approx 15 students, in either the morning or afternoon, with learning continuing at home the other half of the day. Schools will operate on a quadmester schedule.

- Students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 will be encouraged but not required to wear masks in common spaces.

- Students in Grades 4-12 will be required to wear non-medical or cloth masks while in school.

- Medical masks will be provided for teachers and all other school staff.

- Schools will be contacting all families this month, please check your emails and try to respond to any questions, surveys or request for confirmation whether you plan to send your children back to school or if you request online learning.

This is a fluid situation and school boards are working to come up with a plan that works and information is changing everyday all parents will continue to receive email updates from their respective school boards.

Silent Voice staff are ready to work with any parents who may need assistance with this process, with communicating with schools and explain further your choices and what your children’s school are going to look like in the fall. Clear that we will provide Services to Deaf parents and parents of Deaf students. Contact Melissa Baker Rosaria Skarp & Gayathri Samaroo at the following email addresses:

Melissa Baker –

Rosaria Skarp –

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