Trudeau update Canadians on COVID-19 pandemic April 25

Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced targeted supports for Canada’s fish and seafood processors, and by extension fish harvesters.

Funding for Fishery and Seafood Sector The Prime Minister announced $62.5 million to support Canadian fish and seafood processors impacted by the pandemic. The money will allow the sector to buy Personal Protective Equipment for their workers, including necessary equipment to boost storage capacity. Trudeau emphasized that the government is giving fish processors more resources so they can continue their work and keep their workers safe. “You keep our families stocked and our families fed,” he said. First Ministers Meeting The PM noted that he spoke with provincial and territorial premiers late Friday and that the federal government is working directly with all provinces, territories and public health administrators to put together a coordinated plan for gradually re-opening the Canadian economy that is based on science and public health data. “If we don’t put the right measures in place, we could lose everything we have gained,” he cautioned.

While when and how to re-open will be up to each province, Trudeau said the federal government is working on national principles and guidelines.

*Above summary by Enterprise Canada