Trudeau Update Canadians on COVID-19 Pandemic | January 22

Note: ASL and LSQ interpreters available in the video.

Federal Update The prime minister began his press conference by addressing the resignation of the Governor General. He also noted that today marks one year since the first recorded case of COVID-19 in Canada.

Vaccines Prime Minister Trudeau said that yesterday he spoke with the global CEO of Pfizer. He said he was assured that hundreds of thousands of vaccines will be delivered the week of February 15th and that Canada will receive all 4 million doses before March 31st. In addition, almost half a million Moderna doses will come in on February.

Travel The prime minister continued to warn Canadians not to travel, not even within Canada. He said that we need to “hold on and hold tight” and added that the federal government is ready to take stricter travel measures if need be.

Assistance in Ontario Prime Minister Trudeau noted the spike in cases and the pressure it has put on hospitals, especially in Ontario. He announced that after speaking to Premier Ford, the federal government is deploying two federal mobile health units to the GTA which will provide up to 200 additional beds and vital medical equipment and supplies.

US-Canada Relations He said that he is “disappointed” in President Biden’s choice to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline. He will be speaking to the President later today.

*Above summary by Enterprise Canada