Trudeau update Canadians on COVID-19 pandemic June 16

In a highly anticipated update this morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his government would be extending both the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and the closure of the Canada-US border.

CERB Extension

Canadians benefitting from the CERB will now be able to receive payments for an additional eight weeks. In making the announcement, Trudeau acknowledged that some sectors of the economy will be re-opening faster than others, leaving some Canadians still out of work and in need of support. The federal government will continue to look at international best practices and monitor both the economy and the progress of the virus to evaluate if any changes need to be made to support more Canadians.

More information on the CERB can be found here.

Border to Remain Closed

The Prime Minister also announced that Canada and the United States have agreed to extend the current measures at the border by another 30 days, meaning the Canada-U.S. border will remain closed until at least July 21.

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