Trudeau update Canadians on COVID-19 pandemic June 18

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau began his press conference today by acknowledging Canada’s loss of a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council and emphasizing that global cooperation is essential to defeat the coronavirus pandemic and other global challenges.

COVID-19 Tracing App

Prime Minister Trudeau announced a mobile COVID-19 tracing app, led by the Canadian Digital Service in cooperation with Shopify, Blackberry and the Government of Ontario. The app will be tested in Ontario soon and it will be available to everyone in Canada in the coming weeks.

The Prime Minister noted use of the app will be voluntary, but he stressed that it will be more effective the more broadly it is used.

The app will work as follows:

  • If you test positive for COVID-19, a health care professional will help you upload your status anonymously to a national network.

  • Others who have the app and have been in proximity to you will be alerted that they have been exposed and will be encouraged to contact local public health authorities.

  • At no time will personal info be collected or shared, and no locations will be followed.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford will provide more details on the app later today.

Cultural Industry

Prime Minister Trudeau announced new funding of $25.7 million to maintain almost 200 jobs in seven museums across the country.

Parliamentary Budget Officer Report

The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) released a report today giving an updated analysis of the impact of COVID-19 and oil price shocks. Based on updated figures, the PBO estimates that the budget deficit will be $256 billion in 2020-2021 (11.8 per cent of GDP).

*Above summary by Enterprise Canada